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I also have a new domain name "AllGeekNoSquad.com" which defines my business better in that I work anywhere in Bucks and Montgomery counties, I work alone and provide services similar to those.

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9 months ago
I had Tom wall mount a TV in my home office and I cannot say enough good things about his quality of service, kindness, knowledge, and professionalism. Would highly recommend! Thanks Tom!
- Sean R
a year ago
I had Tom install a 75 inch TV on my wall. I have never seen such EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL service. He is responsive, courteous and the whole time he was mounting my TV, never once i worried if my TV would fall off, look off center, etc. He did such a great job that my overall setup looks clean and professional. I highly recommend his service and will turn to him for any future mounting needs
- New E
a year ago
He did such an amazing job! He is a good man and had the best prices around! I would highly recommend and will be using his services again!!! Thank you!
- Lauren Z

More Than a Geek, Less Than a Squad

Services similar to Geek Squad® Comcast® Verizon® in addition to an eHandyMan... at a good price.
At your home or small business location, at your convenience, to service PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, routers, TV, A/V systems, wiring and wireless setup and configuration including Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FiOS**

• Entertainment Systems - TV wall mounting, Soundbars, Surround Sound, Projectors, Audio/Visuals
• PC Hardware - PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Routers, Printers, Scanners, Faxes
• Software - Internet, Application setup, Backup plans, Virus removal, Domain and Website help.
• Also provide consulting, instructions and training, efficiency and cord cutting recommendations.
• Meet the needs of seniors both in budget and skill level relative to newer technologies.
• Free consultations by phone (267) 317-7798
• Reasonable rates, First hour $60., after that, $30. per hour.
• Cash, check, paypal, credit cards accepted.
• Available evenings
• Satisfaction guaranteed

Thank you.
- Tom Bucher, Verizon Retiree

More Detailed Descriptions of the Services I Provide...

PC - All brands - Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc.
Hardware - Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) upgrades to Solid State ( SSD ) drives. video cards, etc.
Software - Microsoft Office / MS - Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, etc. Familiar with many programs and applications / apps for Windows / PC and Android / Tablet. Internet / Website navigation solutions.
Upgrades - Windows 10 upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8 now that Microsoft is not supporting Win 7.
Networks - Configure TCP/IP aka TCPIP or IP and their servers, routers, switches, gateways, patch panels, RJ45, CAT5, CAT6 wiring, WiFi extending.
Printer, scanner, fax, all in one, laser, inkjet, HP, Brother, Epson, Okidata
Miscellaneous - VHS to DVD and MP4 conversions.
Troubleshooting - Phone help with or without remote access to PCs

TV - Coax cables, splitters, broadcast antennas, Streaming solutions - Roku, Netflix, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, etc. - aka Cord Cutting
TV Installation - Wall Mount flat screen TVs and monitors, universal remote solutions - Harmony, Logitech, STB set top boxes hidden out of sight. All brands and types - LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, HDTV, 1080P, 4K, Smart TV.
A/V - audio visual systems, projectors, speakers, home theater, surround sound.

Can discuss money saving solutions such as:
- Broadcast TV as an alternative to cable (former VHF and UHF stations in high definition)
- Tracfone cell phones in place of monthly contracts (did you know Tracfone IS AT&T and Verizon?)
- WIFI hotspots such using cell phone as compared to broadband / WIFI internet service

Where - All of Bucks County and Montgomery County
*will consider travelling to other areas at a reasonable rate. Also available for 1099 work, trade shows, video walls, large A/V projects, etc.

Fixed pricing for TV wall mounting, etc.
- Mounting TV $90. for the first, $60. For others on the same visit*
* with your mount, reasonable cable management on wall surface.
- Purchase mounts - $30. Fixed (Tilts down 12 degrees), $60. Full Motion.
- Wires hidden inside wall - additional $60., includes AC outlet behind TV.
(Some exceptions apply, shelves and custom work also available)
** Often go before, during or after Verizon FiOS / Comcast Xfinity installations.
Their technologies are not the same and they sometimes leave with less than optimal service - WiFi dead spots, alarm or phone issues, internet speed, TV remote control issues, etc. My prices are reasonable and I can work on all systems. Feel free to consult with me on the phone or via text when deciding between companies, their offerings and other solutions.


Helpful Narratives Consolidated Here From My Other Ads

Lately, a lot of my customers are looking to save money on their TV / Phone / Internet bill and ask for my help. Some Verizon and Comcast bills are well over $200. per month and that does not include cell phones (which I can also help save money on).

I've developed a Q&A and structured approach to cord cutting with the idea being to save money without sacrificing TV, phone and related services. I call the service "coaching" because a lot of people have a basic idea of what they want to do but don't know how to go about it. As an example, I can migrate your landline home phone number to VOIP* and when I'm finished, the phones in your home will work exactly as they had before... WITHOUT A PHONE BILL! (*Voice Over Internet Protocol)

My Charges and Equipment Costs: - Consultations over the phone are free. Call to discuss if you're thinking about cord cutting, even if you don't go further.
- Onsite evaluation of present equipment, cabling, wireless capabilities and what you would need to do is a one time charge of $60. and includes specific recommendations, links to Amazon / eBay for equipment, discussion of alternatives.
- Migrating a landline / home or small business phone number to VOIP is $100.* plus equipment and charges incurred by service providers (roughly $100. to $130. *includes my time to completely move the phone line to the internet which eliminates the monthly phone bill going forward. (This is a full service not just coaching. It's involved).
- Eliminating Verizon / Comcast TV service and set top boxes and providing necessary devices to stream TV over the internet depends on the number of TVs, what devices you choose, what online services you choose and how involved you want me to be in setting it up. My charges are $60. for the first hour and $30. after that. The devices needed to stream TV range in cost from $40. to $100. The cost of internet only service going forward is between $50. and $100. per month. A decent online TV subscription, including online DVR, will cost between $40. and $70. depending on channels. The savings come when there are no longer any set top box rentals or cable TV subscription costs. Streaming devices are a one-time purchase for each TV... Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, Amazon Firestick ( No, I don't crack, unlock, jailbreak them ).
Generally, you will want to allow a period of time (two weeks to a month?) to get used to the new way you watch TV, how you select what to watch, etc.. You'll want to determine whether it works for you. During this time, the new setup exists alongside the old and you can switch back and forth. Use this period of time to wean yourself and your family away from set top boxes.
When you're satisfied that the new TV setup is all you'll ever need, negotiate with Comcast or Verizon* for a new monthly cost of internet only service and arrange to return their equipment. *They will want this to be a live call and involve their 'retainment' group. Since the migration away from their TV and phone service has already occurred at this point, their offers won't be of interest other than the cost of internet only. During this negotiation, you might want to be open to switching companies. It helps, also, to know what price these companies are offering new, internet only, customers for comparison. I can help here also.
The bottom line is that if you subscribe to internet only service, at a decent speed, you can receive TV, phone and internet at a substantial savings over the cost of the carriers 'Triple Play' type services... no charges for set top boxes and DVR rentals, lower fees, taxes and lower costs for the same TV channels or more. If reducing your monthly bill for TV, 'landline' phone and internet service to $100. to $140. regardless of the number of TVs sounds good, you're a candidate.

UPGRADING To Windows 10 From Windows 7 or Windows 8
Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer support Windows 7
Your PC or Laptop will still work fine but it's making people nervous, thinking they need a new computer.
A really good solution is to upgrade your computer to Windows 10:
- It looks and feels very much like Windows 7.
- You won't lose any files, documents, pictures.
- Windows Defender anti-virus is built-in, updated often and very good.
- It takes me about 3 hours and I go over all the files to determine whether or not they are still needed.
- Lots of time to talk about things you would like to know or have on the PC or laptop.
- Flat rate $120. (assumes PC is eligible for upgrade).

( Searchable terms below )
PC All brands Acer acer Apple apple Asus asus Compaq compaq Dell dell HP hp IBM ibm Lenovo lenovo Panasonic panasonic Toshiba toshiba
Hardware Hard Disk Drive drive ( HDD ) upgrades upgrade to Solid State Drives drives ( SSD ) video cards
Configure TCP/IP networks aka TCPIP or IP servers routers switches gateways patch panels RJ45 CAT5 CAT6 wiring WiFi extending
Printer scanner fax all in one laser inkjet Brother brother Canon canon Epson epson HP hp MUNBYN munbyn Okidata okidata Xerox xerox
HiTech4LowerBucks HiTechForLowerBucks HiTech LowerBucks High Tech Lower Bucks
hitech4lowerbucks hitechforlowerbucks hitech lowerbucks high tech lower bucks
Software - Microsoft Office MS Access Excel Outlook Powerpoint Word etc. applications apps for Windows PC Android Tablet Internet Website navigation solutions
Windows 10 Win10 Win 10 upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8 now that Microsoft is not supporting Win 7.
TV Coax cables splitters broadcast antennas Streaming solutions Roku Netflix Chromecast Amazon Firestick etc. aka Cord Cutting
TV Installation Wall Mount flat screen TV monitor universal remote Harmony Logitech STB set top boxes hidden out of sight All brands and types LG lg Samsung samsung Sony sony Vizio vizio RokuTV rokutv ONN onn HDTV hdtv 1080P 1080 1080p 4K 4k Smart TV smart tv
AV A/V av a/v audio visual systems projectors speakers home theater surround sound soundbar sound bar soundbars sound bars money saving solutions
Broadcast broadcast TV VHF UHF vhf uhf stations in high definition HD cordcutting cord cutting Cord Cutting cordcutter cord cutter
Tracfone cell phones use AT&T Verizon
WIFI wifi hotspots internet service WiFi mesh Google Nest google nest Amazon Eero amazon eero tp-link TP-Link TP tp link Meshforce meshforce Netgear Orbi netgear orbi Tenda Nova tenda nova Ubiquiti ubiquiti 

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